About Shushan

This vast empire, comprised of 127 provinces, is ruled with great success by the wise leader,
His Majesty King Achashverosh.

Come see it for yourself! It will be a visit you never forget.
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Newcomers Guide

Become a resident of Shushan:

A Shushan horse rider’s license, royal party invite or home deed normally provide tangible proof of residence.

Registering your horse:

All horses born or imported into the City of Shushan must be registered with the Department of Transportation. This is to ensure that the Royal Palace has access to the location of well-bred horses in the case of increased need for couriers.

Getting a horse rider’s license:

All persons wishing to ride horses through the streets of Shushan must take a horse rider’s exam at their local Department of Horse Riding Safety. This is to prevent dangerous stampeding and horse-riding injuries on the crowded city streets.

Searching for hypocricy and vice?

Shushan, the capital of Persia and Media, highlights the proudest characteristics of the grandest empire in all history. Join us here in Shushan, where you’ll find experts, scandals and sordid entertainment in all the following areas: