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Tired of kneading bread in a steamy kitchen while wiping your hands on your worn robes? Dreading the thought of marriage to your ugly first cousin who always teased you?

There is hope, young lady.

Picture yourself swathed in royal silk and linen, reclining luxuriously in your palace quarters. When you feel the slightest twinge of hunger, a snap of your fingers will bring mouthwatering delicacies right to your lap, borne by your seven devoted handmaidens. As you satisfy your palate with juicy dates, tangy oranges and rich cheeses, two slaves will fan you with palm leaves. And on your head - the royal crown of Persia!

Young lady of Persia, this is no nursery fantasy. Thanks to Queen Vashti’s treasonous behavior, YOU have the opportunity to become the queen of the largest empire in the world.

Grab this chance of a lifetime! Submit your application below.