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City of Shushan

Center of Intrigue
and Corruption

Compliment the King

His Majesty King Achashverosh already knows he is a most Supreme Leader. That’s why he is always eager to hear more details about his greatness. Please click here to submit a compliment.

Submit nefarious plot suspicions

To our great regret, there are some individuals who do not appreciate the great contributions King Achashverosh and his Council of Corruption have made to Persian society. If you are aware of any plots by such vile individuals, contact us immediately. (Generous rewards provided!)

Request permission to murder a person (or nation)

As the Center of Intrigue and Corruption, there is no better place than Shushan to pull off successful homicide and genocide plans. Click here to request a murder pass.

Donate to the king's personal coffers

Despite the taxes flowing in from the now-empty pockets of his citizens, King Achashverosh can always use more funds to finance his extravagantly necessary activities. This is especially true in light of his recent 180 day party, which made a significant dent in the coffers. Click here to make a donation. (NO tax exemptions provided.)

Breaking News!

King Achashverosh seeks to obliterate the awful memories of former Queen Vashti by choosing a new bride.

See the bride portal for more information on how to apply.

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Council of Corruption

King Achashverosh

Supreme Leader of Corruption

The royal king sits at the head of the largest empire in the world, all while spending his days immersed in wild partying and completely ignoring the needs of his constituents.

king achashverosh
King Achashverosh Supreme Leader of Corruption


Minister of Evil

Viewed by himself as the wisest of all men, Haman applies all his wit to concoct conniving schemes that catapult him to greatness at the expense of everyone around him.

HamanMinister of Evil

Ten Sons of Haman

Assistants of Evil

Like loyal puppets on strings, Haman’s sons fulfill every whim and desire of their father, hoping to bask in his reflected glory (and afraid of fatal consequences should they disobey.)

sons of haman
Ten Sons of Haman Assistants of Evil


Acrimony Advisor

Winner of the “Worst Wife of the Year” Award, Zeresh alternates between providing Haman with very risky ideas and hacking away at his ego relentlessly.

Zeresh Acrimony Advisor


Traveling & Shipping Information:

The Department of Commerce forbids the import and export of commodities without explicit written permission from a department official. This is vital in ensuring an constant flow of taxes to the city’s coffers, as each item imported or exported is subject to a tax. Anyone caught violating this injunction will have their items permanently confiscated.

Public Road Incidents & Warnings:

ALERT: Group of vicious bandits has been attacking travelers on the roads leaving Kush. Be advised not to undertake any unnecessary travel until the culprits have been apprehended. If travel cannot be delayed, ensure that there are guards and warriors in your traveling group.

Annual repairs are underway in the streets around the royal palace. Only those on official business will be allowed in.

Announcement from Shushan's Department of Environmental Concerns:

Due to the shortage of reeds in the fields around Shushan, it is forbidden to sell or purchase new reed baskets until the fields have been regenerated! Basket repair workshops will be erected around Shushan to ensure people have enough working baskets for their weekly market trips.


Happy Citizens